Nylon Laundry Bags Or Cotton Laundry Bags, Which Is Better ?

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Nylon Laundry Bags, along with Cotton Laundry Bags, do not have to be used only to transport clothing anymore. No siree, not in this 21st Century of phones that play video and refrigerators that can surf the internet. With all these and other such so-called convergence devices, everyone and everything is multitasking these days, and ye olde nylon or cotton laundry bag should be no exception!

They are almost always used for transporting your laundry from your home to the Laundromat - or downstairs to the basement if you live in a house. They're available in many colors and styles, for example offering drawstrings or some kind of tie. Nylon laundry bags are inexpensive but fairly strong, typically employed to just carry things around, really anything at all. Cotton laundry bags, on the other hand, seem to be still used exclusively for laundry. Cotton is a very soft material, and though not of clothing-grade fabric, the cotton used for laundry bags are still likely to be more susceptible to rips and tears when heavy-duty applications are involved - such as that aforementioned transport of nearly anything and everything. But then again, it all comes down to how things were engineered - nylon can be very soft and vulnerable, too, as in silk-like nylon stockings, whereas cotton can be woven extra thick and tough, as they were in the old days before the advent of nylon fabric.

In any case, it is clear that laundry bags can be used for much more than simply transporting articles of clothing. They can serve various roles. For instance, really strong industrial-grade varieties can be employed instead of potato sacks for - you guessed it - potato sack races at your local county fair or church charity social! Most cotton laundry bags in particular can also be used for various arts and crafts applications; it just depends on your own ingenuity. With some select alterations here and there, these bags can even be turned into costumes for Purim or Halloween! After all, what could be scarier than a giant bag of dirty laundry? And, speaking of holidays, laundry bags make great substitutes for Santa's sack!

Now these ideas may seem amusing, but they do work - if you have the right materials to work with. And, again, it all boils down to your imagination. Of course, you can just leave the bags alone for the one obvious thing! But why shouldn't they multitask like everything else in the 21st Century? ;-)

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Nylon Laundry Bags Or Cotton Laundry Bags, Which Is Better ?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26