Laundry Dryers: A Convenient Laundry Aid

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Laundry Dryers are quite necessary for do-it-yourself laundering. These are just the sort of indispensable Laundry Aids which can make all the difference between a good wash and a ruined one. Well, alright, the effects are not always so dramatic, but the principle holds, that good quality laundry dryers are important laundry aids for the whole laundering process.

These laundry aids are available in various makes and models, but are usually made of plastic or wood. Yes, wood - what, you never heard of wooden laundry dryers? Then perhaps the term "laundry racks" will help put you in the proper frame of mind. Yes, laundry racks! Laundry racks, laundry dryers, laundry aids - that's what we're talking about here, simple items for do-it-yourself laundering, just like in the good old days of our forebears. Perhaps it's tedious - after all, they didn't invent electricity and electric motors for nothing - but there's something to be said about doing it yourself, by hand, at least occasionally, especially when you don't have a whole load of laundry that needs doing, or when you have just the one thing that needs some soapy attention right there and then. Laundry dryers - okay, laundry racks, if you insist - allow for that emergency "spot cleaning" at the kitchen or bathroom sink of small individual items by providing an easy way in which they can dry (hence the term "laundry dryers," alright?). In addition to letting the laundry dry right there in your living room, as these simple contraptions are often collapsible for easy storage in crowded apartment closets, these racks can also be used just for hanging things on, as just another piece of furniture! If they've been designed correctly, of course.

Which is the unfortunate thing with these very helpful laundry aids - they seem to come in a very limited selection of makes and models. There's simply no public demand for any variety when it comes to laundry dryers, and a few basic shapes and sizes seems to serve the market just fine. Such a situation is unlikely to change unless people take their style of laundry drying much more seriously!

Okay, so that's a funny - even crazy - thought, but hey, why not: everything else has been made into an objet d'art - why not ye olde humble laundry rack? An ambitious student just out of art school could make his or her name redefining these otherwise nondescript contraptions. Yes, think about it, designer laundry racks! Luxury laundry racks! Premium upscale high laundering - haute blanchisserie!

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Laundry Dryers: A Convenient Laundry Aid

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This article was published on 2010/03/27